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20210101 - 20220601

New Music Review Lounge is an initiative of Miso Music Portugal and the Portuguese Music Research & Information Centre. It constitutes a forum for open and free critique, where uncompromising opinions, tastes and new tendencies in music can be discussed in both breadth and depth. It is a place dedicated to contemporary music phenomena and their relation to other areas such as visual arts, dance, architecture, literature, new technologies, psychology or sociology. Our aim is to open a vivid discussion and rejoin contemporary music with other art forms and disciplines of human activity.

Published REVIEWS
«Vamos descobrir» no centro da arte by PEDRO BOLÉO, O'culto da Ajuda, Lisboa | 3 de Maio de 2021 | «4 Estreias – 4 Encomendas»
O “Estado da Nação” em perspetiva na Casa da Música by PEDRO M. SANTOS, Casa da Música, Porto | 7 de Maio de 2021 | “Estado da Nação”
Manual do Adufe: tocar singelo, tocar dobrado by TIAGO SCHWÄBL O'culto da Ajuda, Lisboa | 14-15 de Junho de 2021 : Rui Silva e Bruno Gabirro · “Aduf&lectrónica”
Novas propostas operáticas na primeira edição do FIO by PEDRO M. SANTOS FIO – Festival Informal de Ópera | 18 de Setembro de 2021
O fio do som interior by PEDRO BOLÉO Concerto inaugural do Festival Música Viva 2021 | 6 de Novembro de 2021

In our opinion music constitutes a potent social force. A critic, although frequently expressing his / her own subjective opinions, is a mediator between the composer, performer and the audience. Therefore our reviews intend to analyze and mention the technical elements and expressive aspects of composition and performance as well as their possible impact on the public. We will publish regularly creative descriptions and analysis of 20th century and contemporary musical works, performances and events, with special focus on Portuguese creation.

Nowadays music has no boundaries and there are dozens of interesting music phenomena waiting to be described and discussed.