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Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory 2019


Light art and technology workshop

The Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory is dedicated to education in the field of light art and new technologies. At the 2019 workshop, artists will be able to deepen their knowledge in the field of interactivity or smart devices. In the workshop, participants will learn about the possibilities of using affordable microcontrollers - modules that are sensitive to touch and proximity - that are used to interact with light and sound. By touching or moving, we can use these devices to control objects that respond with light and sound patterns. Workshop participants will explore the possibilities and application of new interactive user experiences.

At the first meeting, participants will learn more about microcontrollers and the possibilities of their practical use. Participants will be divided into three groups; each will then design and implement an independent project, which will be on display at the Lighting Guerilla Festival in Ljubljana in the spring.