Creative works

Mental Landscapes


Mental Landscapes is a spatialized excerpt of the compositions for Fanny Olla’s installation Mental Landscapes, the Red Room, Blue Room and the Black Room.

In Mental Landscapes we move from the Red Room for superficiality, self-awareness, perfection and demands but also shame, the room is about hiding your flaws and "sweeping something under the carpet" via the Blue Room for the longing, loneliness and sadness to the innermost Black Room. In the Black Room we face fear, anxiety and our inner darkness, where we hide our feelings and put them in cabinets and drawers, here is where we keep secrets that no one will ever see. In this spatialized excerpt, each room constitutes a compositional layer portraying each set of emotions. The layers have a spatial and a spectral relation to each other.

Fanny Olla's installation was displayed in the Spring Exhibition Master / CRAFT! - Ceramics and Glass at University of Arts, Crafts and Design May 2018 in Stockholm, and later the Momentum Biennial June to October 2019 in Moss Norway.