EASTN-DC residences

The residences will be the places and moments where the EASTN-DC cultural goods will be constructed in situ : work, analyses, courses, tutorials, diffusion tools, etc. We could call them "transborder" objects : remember that the "trademark" of EASTN-DC cultural objects is to have been produced at the frontiers of the 5 Research - Creation - Pedagogy - Sharing - Economy poles.

Each of the partners will receive, in their own place and within their culture, people from other partners to make or shape the new cultural objects of the project.

The "Residence" activity maintains organic links with the "Tour" activity, in terms of entry and exit materials. Any new creation at these residences should take into account the debates and analyses carried out in the "Harvest" action of the "Tour" activity. This is not to constrain the creators, but circumscribe the field of potential works to that of the project.

The principle is that each creative action addresses questions on at least two of the five poles of the project. In addition, each work will find its place in the "Disseminate" action, since festivals, concerts and exhibitions are the first vehicles for publicizing the results of the Residence activity.

Finally, each creative action will have to find its place, as far as possible - and the EASTN-DC network will give itself the means to find the methods and models - in the "Inseminate" action, into which it will pour the materials created in the various planned training operations.

The "Residence" activity is also in organic relation with the "Communication" activity. The materials produced in the residences - artistic, pedagogical and research materials -will be input materials for the "communication" activity in charge of editing, shaping and disseminating them and ensuring their sustainability.