EASTN-DC Tour of “Itinary of Salt” opera

Corfu / Stanford | Greece / USA
12-12 February, 2020

EASTN-DC tour of the multimedia opera “Itinary of Salt” by Miguel Azguime


"Itinary of Salt" at CCRMA, Stanford University, USA


"Itinary of Salt" at Corfu University, Greece

The Department of Audio and Visual Arts hosts the multimedia electronic opera performance project by Miguel and Paula Azguime,"Salt Itinerary", on February 12th 2020, 21:00, at Ionian Academy, Corfu, as part of its cooperation within the EASTN-DC project with scientific coordinator for the Ionian University Mr Ioannis Zannos, Professor of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts.


"Itinary of Salt" at ACROE and INP Grenoble, Grenoble, France