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Lisbon | Portugal
1 May 2022


In 2014, this space appears, and is called O’Culto da Ajuda. O’ Culto because it seems “hidden” in an old Travessa -Travessa las Zebras, adjacent to Calçada da Ajuda and neighboring the Presidency of the Republic. The cult, too, why does the cult take place there – science, pleasure, why not religion? – of the new, of the daring, of the truly creative and creative, the greatest symptom of life!

In the ex_iguous, but virtually infinite space of O'Culto, the public, artists and composers live together and fraternize, without any whims of eclecticism, united in the love of authentic Art, being able to even go to the small and simpálico bar, celebrating life and art with drinks whose content and quality is at the level of events.

The place where everything happens is a kind of "lofL" that was recovered, and that, in its beginnings, was quite precarious, being today institutionally supported and without any favor.

O'Culto is, finally, the space where, deservedly, the Azguime have their sound clisposilivo, their "speaker orchestra", with all the range of devices capable of providing the most exciting, hypnotic, cosmic, sometimes necessarily brutal sounds of surprise. And, let's say, masterfully "manipulated" by the hands of the two sorcerers, Paula and Miguel Azguirne.

O’culto da Ajuda performances & Residencies Authors :
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