Creative works



Live audiovisual performance, by Stella Ivšek, graphic designer, VJ and multimedia artist, and Anja Romih, Multimedia artist and VJ

Eclectic visualizations of two VJs intertwine in a live webcast of “A / V2V” to the sounds of roaring electronics. These meet with their visual impression of music in two different planes of a virtually altered space.

DODECAHEDRAGRAPH (Neven M. Agalma) comes to visit the Zasavje boiler room of the sound of the underground, whose live act is accompanied with the visualizations of VJ Error and cute aggression.

DJ Pizdoglavec (Blaž Božič) take over the musical reins with a lively visual connection between knnz and Kasko Karambol!

The live acts have be served by the already well-known noise manifestation from Zasavje LIFECUTTER and the Maribor master of dark techno DECONSTRUCTOR, and the evening will end with an electro / idm / techno DJ set Nitz!