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A word from the coordinator
EASTN-DC is a European network dedicated to the development of Digital Creativity in Music, Dance and Visual Arts.
The EASTN-DC European network sees itself as a "forge" in which new cultural objects are created, at the intersection of artistic creation, scientific and artistic research, technological development, pedagogy and teaching, cultural dissemination and cultural industries.
Unlike the classical scheme where research-creation-pedagogy-diffusion work separately and where researchers work upstream, and artists and the public are downstream of researchers innovations, EASTN-DC situates the future of digital creativity at their intersections .
Thus, each EASTN-DC cultural object is at the crossroads of at least three of these themes. For example, an artistic work could have links with research and pedagogy, an educational work could give rise to artistic works and technological developments, etc...
The EASTN-DC site is structured as a library of EASTN-DC cultural objects. It mixes new artistic works, master classes, workshops, publications, festivals, concerts, exhibitions. All exhibit a multidisciplinary profile at the intersection of the EASTN-DC themes.
This site connects this type of EASTN-DC cultural objects with their creators - artists, engineers, teachers - and organizations - creation centers, scientific laboratories, schools and universities, places of dissemination.
We hope that this library is a source of inspiration for the reader, whether in new creations, new educational and learning themes, or in the development of concert programs, exhibitions, or festivals.
Good navigation to all.
I remain at your disposal.
Annie Luciani
Coordinator of EASTN-DC

Latest EASTN-DC Library's entries

The EASTN-DC Library is divided into three categories :
Creative works : "Creative works" consist in disseminating the cultural objects produced, existing or being created, through exhibitions, ​Performances and concerts.
Courses & workshops : "Courses & workshops" transmites knowledge and know-how related to digital knowledge, technologies and uses for creation, through practical courses, seminars and workshops.
Publications : "Publications" will propose debates, surveys and analyzes on the scientific, technological, artistic and societal state of the art on the deep issues of digital arts and technology.

latest EASTN-DC tour's events

The EASTN-DC Tour consists of transporting the cultural objects produced in and by EASTN-DC and their creators (artists, researchers, engineers, pedagogues) to various European and international venues, during major events aimed at current or future audiences of digital art.

Each partner of the EASTN-DC project commits to opening at least one event to which it will invite the rest of the consortium. For the time being, the program of the project envisages that at least 16 places will be invested, and that on each of these places, a minimum of 4 partners will be transported.

GENESIS Users Convention Grenoble | France

01-04 June, 2022
SHARING EXPERIENCES ARTISTIC PROJECTS COURSES With GENESIS, the musical creation physically-based software designed by ACROE and Grenoble-INP

IF 2022 Brussels | Belgium

21-24 April, 2022
A/V performances festival. Operating at the cross-roads of audio-visual practices, media art, music and digital cultures, IF presented the latest creations where electronic sounds merge with visual arts.

Music on the (W)edge 2022 Cuneo | Italy

08-13 April, 2022
Sala Mosca Concert Hall (and its foyer) at Conservatory of Cuneo historical building, many classrooms and studios at Cantore ex-barracks (Conservatory of Cuneo new building), VARCO Foro Boario auditorium were among the main venues for the principal event of the EASTN-DC diffuse festival in Cun...