IF 2022

Brussels | Belgium
21-24 April, 2022

A/V performances festival.

Operating at the cross-roads of audio-visual practices, media art, music and digital cultures, IF presented the latest creations where electronic sounds merge with visual arts.

The 4-day festival organised by iMAL gathered (inter)national artists and combines both contemporary creation and live performances, with the added dimension of a club-focussed programme for those who wanted to continue into the night.

This very first and inaugural edition of IF took place from 21-24 April 2022 and united more than 20 remarkable artists in Brussels.



  • Julien Clauss & Olivier Perriquet : OBJECT-ORIENTED OBJECT
    For a detailed description of the performance see the events above.
  • Tadej Droljc : BEAMBREAKER - First Movement
    TADEJ DROLJC is a Slovenian artist and creative coder who works at the intersection of sound, image and light.
    BEAMBREAKER, a work for laser, light, bent mirrors and sound, is a performance that deals with volumetric audiovisual objects emerging from tight synchronization between broken light beams and sounds waves.
  • Enrique Tomás : A Moment of Transistion
    Enrique Tomás is a sound artist and researcher dedicated to finding new ways of expression and play with sound, art and technology. His work explores the intersection between sound art, computer music, locative media and human-machine interaction.
    A Moment of Transition is a live electronics performance with a novel interface whose form was inspired by particular sound gestures. Through the ‘action of the hand’ Tomás’ explores the tactile patterns engraved on the instrument. A machine learning system clusters and recognises tactile and sonic contents enabling real- time manipulation of digital information previously stored and analysed in the computer. A generative lighting system augments the paper’s physical materiality while it also inscribes a visual narrative inspiring musical forms.
  • Puce Mary
    Puce Mary is a Danish experimental and noise artist known for her fierce live performances and releases on Copenhagen’s Posh Isolation and Berlin’s Pan records.

FRIDAY 22.04

  • Florence To : Aluciin
    Artist and director Florence To designs and produces sound and light installations creating generative motion graphics with a focus on architectural spatial design in site specific projects.
    Aluciin is a hypnotizing variation of moving images and textures that explores the relationship between movement and time, referencing ‘scarred landscapes’ such as waterfalls, erosion and fluvial systems. The ‘scars’ pinpoints the inherent ambiguity of memory by signifying both positive and negative experiences as textures morph and reiterate through geological time.

  • Kurt D’haeseleer & Franck Vigroux : The Island
    Kurt D'haeseleer works at the intersection of painting, music videos, film and performance. He is artistic director of WERKTANK, a media art production house in Leuven. Franck Vigroux is a multifaceted artist whose works range from experimental, electro acoustic, electronic music to modern composition, music theatre and beyond. His music is made of tectonic tensions, beats, electronic textures though a very personal conception of sonic exploration.
    The Island is an audiovisual performance inspired by the tragic stories of islands and valleys condemned by hydraulic dams. Those - of Naussac, in Lozere - of Valentin Rasputin's novel: "Farewell to the Island" in Siberia - of the Three Gorges Dam in China…
  • Line Katcho
    Line Katcho is a composer and audio-visual artist from Montreal. Primarily interested in sound and image as demonstrations of motion, forces or gestures, she also distinguishes herself through an affinity for perceptual games, and a talent for use of affect.
  • Rrose
    Rrose is the latest incarnation of Seth Horvitz, an inter-disciplinary artist from California whose 20+ year history weaves in and out of academic circles and electronic music culture. Their work is informed by ongoing interests in microtonality, the limits of perception, and the idiosyncrasies of machines. This approach serves to create a distinctly detailed, sensual and hallucinogenic form of techno that challenges the mind and body in equal measure. The project extends into specific pockets of the avant-garde, leading to collaborations with luminaries such as Bob Ostertag and Charlemagne Palestine and reinventions of works by 20th century composers such as James Tenney.
  • Mika Oki ‘dj-set’


  • Tryphème & Ulysse Lefort
    Tryphème’s music is one that manages to resonate in the soul the few cords that we still have. The strength of this autodidact, now living in Paris, resides in the emotional power of a hybrid music navigating between industrial coldness, electronic minutia and synthetic sensuality.
  • Katharina Ernst
    Berlin-based artist Katharina Ernst started playing the drums at age nine, with an early focus on polymetric, odd and chaotic structures. In her own work, she puts emphasis on transgressing the fields of music, fine arts and choreography, celebrating a hybrid notion of the term „composition“.
    NSDOS, aka Kirikoo Des, is a French pluridisciplinary artist born in 1984 in Paris. After dance studies at the International Dance academy in Paris, he sought to create sounds on which to pose his movements. He then had to imagine a new sound order, an alternative approach to music - by abstraction. Sometimes called the "hacker of techno" by the French press, he distorts the technological tools, creating the link between machines and matter. He collects living data, using his own motion capture sensors on his dancing body, interactive devices or creative coding programs, and injects them into the rectilinear skeleton of techno to make an organic matrix.
  • Pye Corner Audio
    Pye Corner Audio is a British electronic music project by Martin Jenkins. He deals in an eerie, fragile strain of electronic music mixing the Radiophonic/library music sound, sometimes with a post-punk influence that aligns him firmly with such seasoned hauntologists as Mordant Music, Belbury Poly and The Advisory Circle. Jenkins refers to himself as the mysterious and nameless Head Technician in most of his online profiles, and extra detail is taken to make the audio and visual elements of his performances look and sound worn and vintage.
  • Umwelt
    As a producer hailing from the underground Rave scene of the 90’s, Umwelt has gone through the ages without ever feel the need to be under the strobe or follow the hype. Author of an important discography including on his own Rave Or Die and New Flesh Recordings labels, his productions play the card of a specific and excessive electro-techno sound. For IF, Umwelt delivered a live set, exploring his own approach to rave electro.

SUNDAY 24.04

  • Ugo Dehaes
    For the creation of his performances Ugo Dehaes always departs from the gaze of the spectator. Instead of wrestling with complex concepts, he asks himself what he would like to see on stage at that given moment. That way, he shares his own amazement and fascination for movement with the audience. By focusing on the personal stories, he transforms his own initial spark into something recognisable for all. By doing so, he offers the audience a different way of looking at the world.

Marko Ciciliani : Rave Scéance
For a detailed description of the performance see the events above.