Creative works


'25-30 min'

Audiovisual composition and performance

Beambreaker ("Žarkolom") is an audiovisual composition and performance that deals with breaking light beams and sound beams into volumetric audiovisual objects.

These objects are multistable in cross-modal sense since they are based on a high degree of audiovisual ambiguity.

Are we listening to the sound light, maybe the sound of light structures, or do we see an embodiment of sound or something in-between?

These multistable objects are often rapidly changing, forming fragmented chains of audiovisual apparitions, that present different perspectives and interpretations of some elusive feeling within us, which is essentially invisible and inaudible.

Consequentially, the piece is not trying to be didactical or moral, neither it has a clear message. Instead, it offers one a mirror in which fragments of one's own invisible can be brought to light.