Claude Cadoz

Scientific researcher, Computer Music Composer

Claude Cadoz was Graduate of the Grenoble Institute of Technology, Electronic and RadioTelecommunications Enginiering School, 1972

He founded in 1976 the ACROE – ICA research group with Annie Luciani and Jean-Loup Florens devoted to interdisciplinary research in Computer Arts, Computer Science and Computer Technology. He started pioneering research in force feedback devices, physical modelling and real time simulations for Computer Music, Computer Graphics and Computer Animation. He developed the basic concepts of modular physical modelling for computer music, first, for the sound production, then for the music creation including both the synthesis and the composition of sounds.

He published about 35 international papers and about 10 invited international talks on physical modelling, man-machine interaction, computer music and gestural interaction. He wrote a general public book on Virtual Reality (1994). He trained more than 400 Level-Master students and directed 35 PhD thesis.

He is author of 2 international patents on actuator-sensor technology for haptic devices, and Electro-dynamic piano. He created several musical artworks with ACROE’s technologies : ESQUISSE (music & video, with A. Luciani & J.-L. Florens – 1993), pico..TERA (physical model synthesis – 2001), Gaea (physical model synthesis – 2007), Helios (physical model synthesis and haptic interaction, 2015), Quetzalcoatl (physical model synthesis and collaborative haptic interaction, 2018).