Agora Créative 2019

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Grenoble | France
15 October 2019 - 19 October 2019

A week of concerts, interactive art installations, workshops, lectures and debates exploring digital creativity

Agora Creative 2019 is a cultural showcase and discussion of new trends at intersections of art, science and technology. The week will contain many events for the public, including:

  • Demonstrations, presentations, interactive and acoustic concerts under the Dôme sonore system with new gesture interaction machines,
  • Exciting workshops to build synthesizers, learn computer sound synthesis, experiment new creative interactions with the computer,
  • Debates on the burning questions of digital creativity: for and against, how, for whom, why?
  • A "Hub" event for entrepreneurs, SMEs, digital creativity enthusiasts and academics

Agora Créative 2019 Authors :
Alessandro Sciaraffa Cristina Mercuri Andrew Raffo Dewar Annie Luciani Bill Brunsson Pierre Baptiste Davide Ficco David Berezan giuseppe gavazza Götz Dipper Georgy Kurtag Ignacio Pecino Jérémy Riffet judit kurtag Photo Claude Cadoz Bénédicte Adessi Photo Peter Torvik Photo Nicolas Castagné Photo Marco Barberis Photo Ludger Brümmer Gilles Colliard photo Ricardo Climent Simão Costa Photo Simone Giordano Photo Staš Vrenko Esthir Lemi Iannis Zannos hans peter stubbe Teglbjærg

Agora Créative 2019 Organizations :
logo ACROE Conservatorio cuneo logo Fablab | Ljudmila Logo Grenoble INP | Laboratoire ICA Logo ZKM Logo KMH Logo university of Manchester Logo cité de la musique Romans - Valence Aalborg | me-lab Ionian university

Agora Créative 2019 Works :
Cynergia Through the Looking Sound microviseme voilure du temps Guido’s Code #A sinusoide SODA TOTEM Extended guitar DYNAMé algoRhythm Machine CellularAutomataExplorer Loops in transmission Le tombeau retrouvé de Rameau Duel for strings Quetzalcoatl giuseppe gavazza Hélicanthe, retour d'effort Capture Ecran Etabli de conception GENESIS pour la pièce Hélios