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Sound installation

With the project Loops in Transmission Staš Vrenko continues his exploration of hardware and software processes of recording, storing, processing and transmitting of sound that was already the basis of his past works Connective (2016) and Adoption Techniques (2017). The project deals with technical media that are capable of constructing specific modalities of measuring and recording time while also creating unique technology-based temporalities. The sound installation Loops in Transmission is based as an interactive system of three identical sound devices or tools intended for processing of sound and logical signals. The foundation of each tool are smartphone applications developed for this specific purpose, extended with a selection of analogue-digital modular electronic circuits. Through a system of (electromagnetic and data) feedbacks in individual devices and through feedback on the level of communication between devices via LAN connection, Loops in transmission resonate and sonify the micro-temporal processes of analogue and digital tech media that are otherwise inaccessible to human perception.

Loops in transmission