Matte (R)ealities festival

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4 March 2022 - 6 March 2022

The EASTN-DC emphasis at Cardiff has been loosely focused on notions of ‘materiality’ within the field for example through exploring the physical materials of sound media, augmented objects, haptics and physical modeling, ecological concerns, kinetic art and physical systems.

The festival contained an offline exhibition only for artists from CSAD or their resident artists due do Covid restrictions. Below are some photos taken during the opening of the exhibition that took place in the School of Art and Design.

The festival contained online and offline workshops, talks and panels, online and offline installations, a transmission  http://eastn-cardiff.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/programme-_final-3_3_22.pdf.

Matte (R)ealities festival Authors :
Photo Ludger Brümmer David Berezan Photo Staš Vrenko Ignacio Pecino photo par défaut Cristina Mercuri Photo Claude Cadoz Photo Nicolas Castagné Annie Luciani Iannis Zannos photo Ricardo Climent

Matte (R)ealities festival Organizations :
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Matte (R)ealities festival Works :
photo par défaut Capture Ecran Etabli de conception GENESIS pour la pièce Hélios photo par défaut photo par défaut photo par défaut photo par défaut photo par défaut Loops in transmission