Cristina Mercuri

Music composer

Cristina Mercuri was born in Mondovì (Cuneo), in Northwestern Italy, in 1996. After studying violin, she’s currently pursuing a degree in electronic music composition at the METS School of the Ghedini State Conservatory of Cuneo, Italy. She attended masterclasses and workshops in, among the others, electroacoustic composition with Jonty Harrison, sound spatialization with Annette Vande Gorne, sound art with José Manuel Berenguer, Yannick Hofmann and others. Her music has been performed in concerts like A Nord della chitarra contemporanea (homage to Patrick Kleemola), Acustiche informali, site-specific performance for the exhibition Noi continuiamo l’evoluzione dell’arte with masterpieces of the collection of the Turin Modern Art Gallery (Burri, Fontana ecc.), Interpretare lo spazio sonoro, together with works by Annette Vande Gorne spatialized by herself. Cristina’s interest and research purpose is to combine different forms of art, preserving and enhancing their communicative aspects.