Creative works


Electro-Acoustic composition

Cristina MercuriSimone Giordano (electronics) & Angelo Martino (guitar), all students from the METS Department at the “G. F. Ghedini” State Conservatory in Cuneo, proposed six different works composed for a brand new recording project, to be published by Da Vinci Classics (Japan). Three of these works are compositions by their teachers from METS (Gianluca Verlingieri, Giorgio Zucco and Davide Ficco); two others for the same project are by Stefano Giorgi and Mirko Andreoli. The last piece, Scaramouche, is by one of the performers, Cristina Mercuri.

All the works have a common theme, the concept of Elettronica Portativa (portative electronics), developed in the last ten years by composer and METS Professor Giuseppe Gavazza. In this case, it consists of a portable and self-sufficient, easily transported machine with an extended guitar and its own sound system.

The following works are performed:

  • C. Mercuri: Scaramouche
  • D. Ficco: Aavaye darun
  • G. Verlingieri: Resonancias y redobles
  • G. Zucco: In un’ombra apposita
  • M. Adreoli: EA
  • S. Giorgi: Asymmetric thought