A DELA ? Is it working?

Ljubljana | Slovenia
24-28 August, 2020

From 24 to 28 August 2020 at several locations around Ljubljana, the international festival of art, science and technology “Is it working?” presented the latest productions of Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory and its partner institutions within the European Art Science Technology Network for Digital Creativity (EASTN-DC).

The EASTN-DC network strives towards interdisciplinary interpretations of new shifts in the digital paradigm in order to prepare society for the challenges of the future in which digital technologies will enter all aspects of human cognition, perception and activity. The collaborating transdisciplinary authors from Slovenia and abroad addressed – through diverse artistic and research approaches – advanced models of interactivity, multimodality, responsiveness and audience experience. Various formats – from exhibitions, performances, concerts, to presentations, workshops, and an audio walk – enabled visitors, through their active participation, a closer understanding of contemporary research, experiments and artistic methods in the fields of light, audio, interface, kinetic, location and perception technologies.


@ Match Gallery
“Is it working?
“Messenger's Report” - Sound installation
“Monocause. Dialectics of the Post-Truth Era” - Interactive sound installation
“Music Table “ - Interactive sound installation
“Tether” - Interactive sound installation

@ Alkatraz Gallery
“in praise of idleness” - Kinetic installation

@ osmo/za
“1/x” - Light and sound installation
“Cosmic Rain” - Light-sound installation

Quintessence, Qneo SMAC Quartet & Young Researchers III -  Performance and sound performances
Qneo-EP - Electro-acoustic compositions
Equilibrium as instability - Sound performance
Toc~ - Electro-acoustic composition
Permutations I - Sound performances at Linhart Hall
Spheres of Resonance - Fixed media (8-channel version)
Bursty Exorbitance - 8-channel computer generated composition
Julia Jasmin Rommel: Zwischenraum – Akustische Kartographie - Pandemic version of a 4K stereo AV composition for the ZKM Sound Dome
Singing sand - Audiovisual composition
RAVE séance (2020) - Multimedia performance
Permutations II - AV and sound performances at CD Club
Figure-ground (2020) - Audiovisual performance - live stream
Robotcowboy - Performance - live stream
V A L D I - Live performance
Live Act


konS: Kinetic Sound Art: Integrating sound and motion using human-computer interfaces by Nolan Lem
Why spatial sound? By Ludger Brummer
The Intelligent Museum by Yannick Hofmann
Locative-Media as an Art Form by Josh Kopeček and Ricardo Climent
Game Elements and Their Artistic Potential for Audiovisual Works by Marko Ciciliani
Wanderings - Visual and Literary Poems by Anne Luciani
Haptics for the Arts by Nicolas Castagné and Claude Cadoz

Quintessence (2020) - Audio-visual performance
Sandbox (2020) - Geolocative multimedia performance