Creative works

Josh Kopeček's Echoes, started in Vietnam after their involvement in locative audio multi-city project "City As Network & Hyperwalk" and has termendous success since then. Not only because of the number of users creating projects for this geolocative platform but especially for the transformative power of come the contents created.
For instance, "A short tour of Chichester" is a magnificient example to understand Chichester's history while being aurally transported to another era.
The project description says: "Chichester is a great destination for shopping, markets, theatre and galleries but visitors and residents alike can also delight in the amazing history of the city through the Echoes tour. Discover the fascinating evidence of Roman, Mediaeval and Georgian life as revealed through the obvious and tucked away places in the city. Find out about the cattle markets in North Street and why the Crooked S has such an odd name. Visit the Market Cross and find your way to St Martin’s Square and maybe be prompted to learn more about the city by arranging a visit to the 13th century St Mary’s Hospital Almshouses, the cathedral or the Novium."

Echoes XYZ (also under the umbrella of EASTN-DC Manchester) is working on new 3D Spatial features using ambisonics and headphones orientation-awaremness, to provide further detail an inmmersiveness to their many locative audio experiences.