Young Researchers III Tobija Hudnik


Under the auspices of the .abeceda Institute the cycle of residencies, concerts, and performances Young Researchers (Mladi Raziskovalci) will have its third iteration this year. The cycle is dedicated to a guided inclusion of a selected younger performer into professional infrastructural and research environments. The programme’s art director is Dré A. Hočevar, while this year’s artist-in-residence is Tobija Hudnik, who will present the cast of Equilibrium as insta_bility. Alongside Tobija, the cast also consists of Lenart De Bock (saxophone), Tisa Neža Herlec (vocals), Pascal Jarchow (double bass), Brina Kren (alto saxophone), and Luka Poljanec (percussion). They will perform original works by Hudnik, which are otherwise based on the tradition of improvised sound practices but also cover methods and principles from the fields of performance and sound art.