Cocci Sonori

Interactive multimodal installation

Cocci Sonori is an interactive multimodal installation based on the synergy between two arts, music and sculpture, which collaborate to seek a totalizing language, able to convey the intrinsic meaning of the work and to lead the user into a multisensory experience, with physical and emotional involvement. The work has its own autonomy, but is sensitive to external intervention. The user can interact and bring about changes: the guideline is enter into the harmony of opposites.

A reflection is born on solids and voids, on their relationships, on their meanings, transported in the concepts of container and content, which become a metaphor of man and, specifically, of the body, as a shell of the soul. The use of vases makes explicit the concept of container, but the possibility of interaction and the "sensitivity" of the work, modifying its content, makes it become itself a metaphor of it.