Creative works

Acustiche informali

Instrumental and electroacoustic musics

How does informal art sounds? What music can be combined today with the metal sheets corrupted by Alberto Burri's oxyhydrogen flame or with the cuts of Lucio Fontana's canvases? Acustiche informali (Informal Acoustics) is the answer given to this question by the student-composers of METS-Conservatorio di Cuneo, led by the Composition Professor Gianluca Verlingieri and the Music Informatics Professor Francesco Canavese. Mets students premiered their compositions related to famous informal art works on 22nd and 23rd December 2018 in Cuneo, at the Monumental Complex of San Francesco, in Via S. Maria, both days at 17.00.

METS student composers Carlo Ambrogio, Hicham Baqa, Marco Barberis, Simone Giordano, Cristina Mercuri, and Debora Picasso works were inspired by the works of art exhibited in the monumental space of S. Francesco (collecting suggestions from the works of Mastroianni, Parmeggiani, Galvani, Burri himself and from the local artist Pinot Gallizio, among others) and spread their electroacoustic compositions across the entire architectural space of San Francesco through the collaboration of the percussionist Michele Cera, who also made sounds from a disused sheet metal wardrobe door, electronically processed by student composer Marco Barberis.