DCAC 2021

28-29 May, 2021

Welcome to the 3rd International Conference on Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges. DCAC-2021 will again afford an exceptional opportunity for renewing old acquaintances, making new contacts, offering a worldwide connection between researchers and lecturers, from a wide range of academic fields, facilitating partnerships across national and disciplinary borders. This year the International Conference on Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges will be held online. It is hosted by the Department of Audio & Visual Arts (Ionian University) and depending on the pandemic circumstances the will be an option for physical presence.

The aim of the DCAC-2021 is to bring together technology, art and culture in the Digital Era, as well as to provide a forum on current research and applications incorporating technology, art and culture, to deepen cooperation, exchange experiences and good practices.
Researchers, artists and scholars are encouraged to participate in the discussion about the interaction between interdisciplinary creativity, technology, arts and culture. Authors are invited to present original papers for oral or poster presentation in the fields of New Media Arts and Digital Culture.

1. Programme

Special Sessions
Friday, May 28th, 19h30-21h

  • Annie Luciani :
    • “Virtual Echo, Propagation and Absorbtion – Dynamic Heterotopia”
  • Hari Marini :
    • “Encountering counter-sites through live performance and video-work: The practice-based project Spirals”
  • Ricardo Climent :
    • “Games4Good: at the intersections of videogaming and digital philanthropy, building new ways to give back”
  • Rui Penha :
    • “Expressive interactivity”
  • Pavlos Antoniadis, Aurélien Duval, Jean-François Jégo, Makis Solomos, Frédéric Bevilacqua :
    • “Merging symbolic, physical and virtual spaces: Augmented reality for Iannis Xenakis' Evryali for piano”

Sunday, May 30th, 20h-22h

  • Takumi Ikeda : par fumée (2020)for trombone and 9-axis motion sensor
  • Yannick Hofmann : Figure-Ground
  • Annie Luciani : Dynamic Heterotopia
  • Ludger Bruemmer : Falling
  • David Berezan : Tongue Drum
  • Cristina Mercuri, Simone Giordano, Simone Conforti, Gianluca Verlingieri : COREOFONIE – Light > Sound > Gesture
  • Gianluca Verlingieri : Dante's Songs
  • Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos, George Kondos, Odysseas Kleisouras : Fractions

Open Day: Exploratory work and work in progress
Sunday, May 30th, 10h-17h

Moderator : Ioannis Zannos

  • Haruka Hirayama: Towards an Aesthetic of Hybrid Performance: Dance, Instrumental Performance and Audiovisual Art
  • Streamed presentations from METS of Cuneo Conservatory of Music : Cuneo students: METS-Generation, from here to elsewhere
  • Davide Ficco: Asymmetric Thought for Guitar and Electronics
  • Giuseppe Gavazza : Lost in modelling
  • Josh Kopeček : UNTITLED CRISIS
  • Christina Kapetanou : “AMBIENCE”: Drafting an interactive installation inspired by "Bodies of Water"
  • Evi Giannakou : Surveillance Dystopia in Net Art: The case of Kyle McDonald's "Exhausting a Crowd"
  • Carolin Liebl and Nikolas Schmidt-Pfähler : Spitting Bot
  • Giorgos Diapoulis: Perceptual and technical aspects of live coding music performance using statistical learning
  • Dana Papachristou: Offline networks: The case of PirateBox as art mediation and artistic practice

2. Conference « Special EASTN-DC Sessions »

Reflection and Heterotopia.
DCAC is the yearly conference organized by IU/AVARTS and addresses the general topic of Digital Creativity Audiovisual Challenges. Within the DCAC conference there is a special session dedicated to EASTN-DC submissions on the topic of “Reflection and Heterotopia ».

3. Concerts

2021, Friday 28th May, Saturday 29th May

Concert evenings.  Audiovisual or audio works by EASTN-DC members and invited artists

  • Takumi Ikeda: par fumée (2020) for trombone and 9-axis motion sensor
  • Yannick Hofmann: Figure-Ground
  • Annie Luciani: Dynamic Heterotopia
  • Ludger Bruemmer: Falling
  • David Berezan: Tongue Drum
  • Cristina Mercuri, Simone Giordano, Simone Conforti, Gianluca Verlingieri: COREOFONIE – Light > Sound > Gesture
  • Gianluca Verlingieri: Dante's Songs
  • Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos, George Kondos, Odysseas Kleisouras: Fractions
  • Joao Pedro Oliveira: Petals
  • Kousei Murata, Hideaki Isobe: Air for Air-trombone (2021)

4. Open Day

2021, Sunday, 30 May

The open-door day, welcomes work-in progress presentations, demos and exploratory papers.   This day is dedicated to work by EASTN-DC partners, and has a more informal format than the previous 2 days.  Are encouraged submissions presenting work in progress, graduate student research in order, or position papers discussing areas of research in which partners are involved, to stimulate discussion in our group.