Creative works

Magnetic Dance


A live-streamed performance and research discussion

Magnetic Dance is a telematic dance performance where dancers in different locations use their movements to weave the rhythm and melody of the music through their movements measured by wearable wireless sensors.
Its objective is to explore the possibilities of telematic performance by concurrent performance in remote locations. To enable remote interconnection, the movements of the dancers are captured using wearable motion sensors and are broadcast in real time over the internet to all performance locations. Sound and graphics are synthesized locally at each performance location on the basis of the motion data. The actions of remote dancers are thus perceived locally indirectly through the characteristics of the sounds and graphics.

The video shows selected passages from the rehearsals made with dancers in Tokyo, Athens and Corfu documenting the process of exploring sensor-based control of sound from dance movement, and the creation of telematic performances.

Some links to recordings of rehearsals already done are: