Creative works

Aura Machine Live


audiovisual performance

AURA MACHINE LIVE is an audiovisual performance from Vicky Clarke, during her artist residency at NOVARS, University of Manchester, exploring machine learning and musique concrete.

A sound object has an aura. Can a machine produce an aura?

Incorporating live sound sculpture, DIY (Do It Yourself) interfaces, modular and machine learning, the piece explores what happens to the sound object when processed by a neural network.

Taking the listener on a journey through transmutational states, the piece begins with the concrete training data, original source material including manchester mill spaces, machines, materials and noise to a transmutational training state and finally a latent space exploration of purely generated AI material.

These AI generated forms are trained on a dataset of ancient alchemical – techno-mystical symbols, made physical in steel and neon sculpture, and form the live audio reactive visuals as developed/performed by Sean Clarke. Neural models used are StyleGAN2, NLP for text/voice and PRiSMSampleRNN.

Visuals feature Vicky’s AURA MACHINE icons are based on a graphical symbolic system representing the sound object in latent space.

An Audiovisual film has been produced for the Live recording for FACTmag Patch Notes series, 180 Studios, London.