Creative works

Resonant Forms

A sound-sculpture based on customised and sculptural speaker designs

This body of work constitutes a set of custom-made sculptural loudspeakers and an original composition which also forms the soundtrack to a short film depicting influences on aspects of the speaker designs. Emerging from an investigation into resonant forms including organ pipes, sound systems and architectural environments where spaces, enclosures, ports and materials all serve to create unique sonic behaviour Pigott’s speaker designs are unique in both their appearance and sound. The speakers themselves use ‘cone-less’ moving coil exciters to vibrate a range of materials, accentuating the physical and material characteristics of sound. The accompanying composition made specifically for the speakers, consists of sounds gathered from architectural spaces that inspired part of the speaker designs as well as from material processes that went into the speakers’ construction. The final film brings all of this together in a 5’30” audio visual journey through Resonant Forms. As part of the Cardiff festival the speakers will be displayed in the gallery and the film will be presented digitally.