Creative works

Y Wê diddiwedd: Sylfaen. Cyswllt. Llif.

'16’ 45”'

Fixed media audio composition in stereo

Transl. The Endless Web: Foundation. Contact. Flow.

Y Wê diddiwedd: Sylfaen. Cyswllt. Llif. (2020-22) continues the series of fixed media sonic portrayals of – and meditations on – spaces, places, people, instruments,…that I have composed since late-90s.

The work aims to bring attention to, and celebrate, the interconnectedness and emergent potential and intensities of the CSAD ‘assemblage’ – of a space dedicated to the creation and exploration of art and design works, ideas, and connections – by attuning the listener to the spectral details and qualities of CSAD originally revealed to me through nomadic listening and recording practice during the March 2022 EASTN-DC residency.

A single continuous recording of a connecting’ space in the CSAD building (see picture) functioned as the ‘foundation’ and ‘basis’ for the work’s overall structure and the development of its spectromorphological ‘flow’ through a series of layering and folding-in techniques. All pitch and temporal relationship present(ed) in the piece are as ‘produced’ by CSAD ‘itself’.