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Electric GamePad Orchestra

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@ AGORA creative 2019 Festival, organized by ACROE / Grenoble INP,Grenoble, France
samedi 19 octobre 2019, 12:00 – 13:00

The Electric Gamepad Orchestra is a system designed to introduce children to electroacoustic music in a collective practice. Orchestras of 12 to 15 children play with video game controllers (gamepads), structured by the rules of a musical game to explore sound worlds solely through listening. The teachers use this system regularly in primary schools in the city of Chambery; although designed for children from the age of 8, the whole family can take pleasure for a test. During the test of about an hour, the public will learn the basic manipulations to play the gamepad instrument, the basic rules of the game, and will perform a small collective improvised concert between them.
The workshop is aimed at all ages from the age of 8.
No prior musical practice is required.