Creative works

Music table – algoRhythm Machine


Interactive sound installation, computer, monitor, mouse, headphones.

The installation algoRhythm Machine is a sort of drum computer through which rhythms can be algorithmically generated or varied. Some of the algorithms that are utilized have been used in music for centuries, including the cancrizans, for which one section is played backwards, creating a sort of crabwalk. Other algorithms, such as the various algorithms based on randomness, were first used broadly in the twentieth century.
algoRhythm Machine is inspired by the installations Pattern Machine and Random Machine from 2004, both are also being shown at the Open Codes exhibition. The same algorithms that generate melodies in those installations are used here to generate rhythms. Visitors can pursue the fascinating question of whether the algorithms are equally well suited for both uses.
Unlike with Pattern Machine and Random Machine, no variation in the pitch is possible with algoRhythm Machine. Instead, algoRhythm Machine is polyphonic, such that patterns can be layered in interesting ways. Visitors can explore what settings lead to interesting listening experiences.