Author :
Gilles Colliard
Event :
cover page agora creative 2019

Le tombeau retrouvé de Rameau

Category : Creative works
Tag : Music

Collectif Hausmusik: “Le tombeau retrouvé de Rameau” by Gilles Colliard in Ambisonic Version: An Experimental Project

Created in 2017, consisting of eight professional musicians from Swomerland and a narrator, the Hausmusik Collective aims to inspire and fund the writing of innovative musical compositions related to our musical heritage, demanding but pleasant to hear and to play, and accessible to small groups of amateur musicians of good level. This, in order to help the written musical creation to reconnect with the public and with the musicians, as an alternative to a contemporary music sometimes considered as too abstract, too difficult or too austere. To reconnect also with its past, because the artistic creation needs to live and to move, like the young plant, of roots which nourish it, without constraining its freedom nor being resigned to a neoclassical approach: it is here simply to rehabilitate the notion of musical pleasure and to rework to a continuity of the present with the past.

The principle of the collective is to produce concerts of a composer of the past that allow him to finance contemporary musical creations, which pay tribute to this composer, as in the ancient tradition of the "tomb" musical. The musicians are volunteers, the artistic and musical direction of the collective is collegial, and the shows he creates are dramatized in such a way as to bring the public, in a lively, convivial and documented way, into the universe of the composer who is paid homage .

The first program of the collective was devoted to the music of Jean-Philippe Rameau, through large extracts of his "Sextuor Concerts", moving and learned miniature symphonies that can be played with friends, in the presence of the composer played by the reciter André Bouvier . This program allowed the collective to finance the commission, to the Swiss composer Gilles Colliard, of a "Tomb of Rameau" written for his staff, created in Romans in 2018 and very subtly connected to the "Concerts en sextuor" by Jean-Philippe Rameau.

Since the work was created at the Cité de la Musique in Romans, whose team is working - with the complicity of Baptiste Pierre and in partnership with ACROE - on music creation in multicast, the idea is for us come to realize an ambisonic version, which would superpose to this written musical creation, itself connected to a composer of the past, a space creation (realized by Baptiste Pierre) making travel through the room the different parts of the musicians ... This project is currently in an experimental phase, having been recorded from a recording in "live" and not in studio, but we hope to have the opportunity to realize soon a more accomplished version ...