Creative works

Music table – MusiCode

Interactive sound installation, computer, mouse, monitor (2017)

Programming codes are made up of a series of instructions, which the computer processes in sequential order. These instructions can be used to generate tones, sound designs, and even entire works of music. This code also generates upward and downward movements or a random selection of tones.
A musical scale could be described as follows:
1. Start at 40 (that is, E2) with the time 0,
2. raise the tone by one step [y = x + 1], and jump 0.25 seconds forward,
3. carry out this procedure 20 times – finished.
Now the numbers can be changed or the + can be replaced by a –, changing the upward musical scale into a downward arpeggio.
Visitors to the MusiCode installation can play with different code fragments, changing them to create their own sound structures. Become a composer of computer music!