Creative works

Elettronica Portativa


Giuseppe Gavazza : "I have always envied my musician friends who, on arriving at the concert, open the case, tune their instrument and start playing: not so for electronic music.

Elettronica portativa is a concept I have developed all along my musician experience (as composer and concert organizer) inspired by Organo Portativo, a portable organ frequently used from XIII century.

The relationship between the portable organ and the large church (or theatre) is similar – that between my Elettronica Portativa and the standard “large” electronics; with all the limitations and advantages – easily predictable – in both cases. Another definition could be that of Acoustic Electronics: instead of boosting the sound level of acoustic instruments to the level of electronic amplification, I choose to decrease the level of electronics to that of acoustic instruments (which are not, of course, amplified, but remain truly unplugged).

Two main threads converge in developing this prototype system: the yearning – which has companied almost all of my electronic compositions since the early 1990s – that the origin of sound should coincide with the locus of the instrument that generates the vibrations, and my experience with GENESIS software and the computer sound synthesis by means of physical models.

Elettronica Portativa should be presented by the artist with the aim to show and discuss features, possibilities, limits and practical behaviour of the system and trigger future developments and collaborations."

In this context, a première of a composition for Baroque Cello performance by Nicolas Castagné and GENESIS sounds by Giuseppe Gavazza have been performed durinf the EASTN-DC AGORA Creative in Grenoble in November 2019.