Alessandro Sciaraffa

Multimedia artist

Alessandro Sciaraffa (1976) lives and works in Turin.
He graduated in architecture from the Politecnico di Torino and then studied at the Fondazione Spinola Banna, before graduating in the Designing the exhibition course at the Domus Academy of Milan.
A winner of national and international prizes, he has exhibited in Turin at the Fondazione Merz, at the Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea and at the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo.
The research of Alessandro Sciaraffa explores different levels of sensorial perception, developing the functional and plastic potential of elusive elements such as sound, light, heat, water, and radio waves. The recording, both in its extended and literal meaning, is the capture apparatus the artist uses to materialize and give substance to the trajectories that run underneath human sensibility. Noise, rustles, crackles, sparkles re-surface thanks to the complex relationship that is established between materials, space, and the presence and the gestures of those who enter the sphere of the work.
Invited to design the workshops for adult publics, Alis/Filliol Alessandro Sciaraffa propose performance-based experiences, with an emphasis on temporality and execution, but they will also leave room for interpretation and chance, which is a typical feature of workshop activities.