Bénédicte Adessi

Visual artist and performer

The visual artist and performer Bénédicte Adessi attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels (1994), in the drawing studio of Lucien Massert. She has produced numerous large format drawings, performances and interactive installations in partnership with researchers, artists and dancers. Starting from a contemporary dance training, she then trained in Computer Graphics at ENSAD (2002). In 2014, the AST Master’s degree allowed him to have access to the exact sciences in new technologies and to deepen the concepts. She has participated in meetings and colloquiums in digital art. The meeting in 2010 with Annie Luciani was decisive. The computer tools developed by ACROE-ICA for the dynamic image, have resonated with Bénédicte Adessi’s project. Indeed, the representation of a proprioceptive movement proved impossible with traditional synthesis tools.