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Force feedback interaction in musical composition with GENESIS

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METS EASTN-DC festival, “Music on (W)edge”, organized by Conservatorio G.H. Ghedini di Cuneo, Cuneo, Italy
Venerdi 8 Aprile 2022 – Mercoledi 13 Aprile 2022

A world premiere

During all the festival days ACROE and INP Grenoble premiered a masterclass on the very new outcomes of their research about physical modelling sound synthesis and haptic feedback systems.

GENESIS real time models including force feedback interaction, with their correlated know-how have been presented to students and teachers in order to be able to be used in their future artistic works.

The very new outcomes presented in this master class allow to work with force feedback interaction within the GENESIS software, including the very new technics and methods to work with and without force feedback devices. These technics and methods allow to prepare the composition that will include force feedback interaction without it and in a second stage to get such composition in live with force feedback interaction and device.

It was the first time that Claude Cadoz, with the assistance of Nicolas Castagné, presented his last and very new technics, extending the musical capabilities of the GENESIS software.