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Musica Electroacustica, Ciencia y Tecnologia

San Salvador | El Salvador
25-29 March, 2019

One week of concert, courses and lecture of Claude Cadoz, invited composer and researcher by Universidad El Salvador

The department of Electronica of the Centroamerica University “José Simeon Canas”, headed by Francisco Eduardo Huguet Mendez, invited Claude Cadoz, composer and researcher, president of ACROE  and fundator of Art-Science-Technology Master at Grenoble  University, for one week of concert, courses and lecture.


Thursday, March 26th , 2019
Conference “Concepts and Technologies for multisensory and Interactive Simulation of Physical Objects - Application to Helios, a musical and visual artwork for the ACROE Helicanthe platform.

Wednesday, March 27th , 2019
Concert at Museo de Arte de El Salvador, Sala Ernesto Alvarez

Tuesday 28th and Friday 29th, March 2019
GENESIS Workshop

Universidad Centroamericana "José Simeón Cañas"
Bulevar Los Próceres, Antiguo Cuscatlán
La Libertad
El Salvador, Centroamérica