EASTN-DC at Stanford University (CCRMA)

Standford | U.S.A, California
27-27 March, 2019

CCRMA is fortunate to host representatives from three of these institutions on campus this week, who will each give presentations tomorrow.

EASTN-DC is the European Art - Science – Technology Network for Digital Creativity (https://eastndc.eu/home), an impressive network of 14 European institutions (plus 3 “resource partners” in the Americas, including Stanford), supporting exchanges among these institutions and "the creation of many unique pieces." 

10:00-10:40 Overview of EASTN project; The ACROE’ Helicanthe creation platform.

Annie Luciani, Claude Cadoz, Nicolas Castagné (telematic presentation)

ACROE & ICA laboratory, Grenoble, France

The basic technologies to reach embodiment in the context of computer tools for musical and artistic création are haptic interaction and multisensory real time simulation of physical models.  We propose to illustrate by musical compositions how tangibility supported by high quality haptic and multisensory interactions on physical masses-interactions models will contribute to better embodiment in musical composition and performance.  We will the ACROE last musical experiments and musical creations, Helios and Quetzalcoatl, within the new ACROE’creation platform « Helicanthe ».  These musical pieces implement more than 50 000 physical modules. They allow live performance on haptic devices of 12 or 24 keys. In the mast piece, two performers play together on the same virtual instruments, feeling by gesture the gesture of the other.  The Platform Helicanthe  integrates all the ACROE Technologies : CORDIS-ANIMA mass-interaction modeling and simulation language, modeling software GENESIS, ÔTGR haptic devices and real time multisensory simulation plateform ÔTELLURIS, and 3D immersive sound diffusion within a sound dome of 24 loudspeakers.

10:40-11:20 Creative Projects at the intersection of Art, Science, and Technology

Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos

Cardiff School of Art and Design (CSAD) at Cardiff Metropolitan University

This presentation is related to my research and practice as sound-media artist, electronic music composer and digital musical instrument designer and maker. The projects that I will present are related to music haptics and composition, digital fabrication and digital musical instruments, and sonification of quantum and computational systems.


11:20-12:00 Recent experiments in embodied performance with sensors, involving dancers and performance over the network

Iannis Zannos
Department of Audiovisual Arts Ionian University, Corfu, Greece

I will relate some thoughts arising from my recent experiments in embodied performance with sensors, involving dancers and performance over the network.  Besides the technical challenges, I wish to discuss the social, aesthetic and educational aspects that arise (a) from working with artists from another discipline of performance arts (dance) and (b) from trying to organize events remotely. These circumstances have an impact not just on the work process but also on the overall cultural and aesthetic orientation. The question arises of how such collaborations can or will influence the development of performance arts.