Master Classes

Le processus de création musicale avec GENESIS

Master Class sur les méthodes compositionnelles évoluées avec GENESIS – Introduction à l’outil pédagogique “les Cahiers de Modélisation”

This Master Class is one of the Master Classes and Workshops around musical creation with the GENESIS software, held from 2017 to 2022, in several European countries.

In this session mainly dedicated for confirmed composers, Claude Cadoz, researcher and composer, presents his pedagogical methods and in particular his «modelling notebooks», a kind of «compositional tutorials» with GENESIS, which he is designing as an aid to advanced composition with GENESIS. In support of the practices, Claude Cadoz explains compositional methods he used on his own compositional models Helios and Quetzalcoatl.

The first session of this type of Master Class has been held during the event "Écritoire Numérique"  ("Digital writing board") on Tuesday 9th, december, 2021, at the ACROE studios inGrenoble with the support of EASTN-DC and the Ville de Grenoble