Creative works

Come semi a primavera

Spectacle with actors, orchestra and electronics

The orchestra of the students of the pre-academic courses of the Cuneo Conservatory, coordinated by Prof. Riccardo Cirri, the sound technicians of METS-Conservatorio di Cuneo, who, under the guidance of Prof. Giuseppe Gavazza, arranged and reworked with electronics famous classical repertoire songs and, not least, the actors on stage: children and teenagers from the workshop of Officina Residenza Teatrale of the Compagnia Il Melarancio. Thus was born Come semi a primavera (Like seeds in spring), where word and music, gesture and sound have found happy synergy. A show focused on the theme of "rebirth", with a strong educational intent, referring to how defeats often give rise to ideas and energies capable of producing great results.

A moment of the spectacle at Teatro Toselli, Cuneo