Contrasts-Tokyo Walks: Machines, People, Insects
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Contrasts-Tokyo Walks: Machines, People, Insects

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@ InSonic on-line 2020 festival, organized by ZKM, Karlsruhe

Session : Disruptive Future Technologies

« Contrasts-Tokyo Walks” piece is s sonic walk – a novel type of composition based environmental sounds recorded in several locations and at different times of day during exploratory walks in the center of Tokyo.

The piece is composed by placing the sound on an online map at the approximate locations where they were recorded, using the »Sonicwalks« software provided by Furukawa Labs of the Tokyo University of the Arts.

The listener is invited to experience the piece by navigating through these locations using the software on a mobile device, either by actually going to these locations in real space tracked by the GPS of the mobile device, or by navigating through the map using the mobile device itself.