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Dust Variations

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@ InSonic on-line 2020 Festival, organized by ZKM, Karlsruhen Germany

EASTN-DC Residencies Workshops at ZKM

« Dust Variations » incorporates Ambisonics 3D, stereo and various multi-channel formats tocreate a more complete spatial experience, the space modeling approach is based on bothcollected data and personal imagination. The composition explores interstellar dust's life and death cycle passing through the different phases of grains aggregation, expansion and extinction. Interstellar dust grains originate from the material expelled by stars explosion and, at the same time, are the basic material for new stars formation. The properties and relationship between the different elements that aggregate to form the dust determine their spatial behaviour: how they produce, expand, activate and occupy space. Textures and sounds materials are built from human voice, recordings and synthetic sounds.