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Evocative world of classical guitar / the vast world of electronic music

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@ Conservatory G.H. Ghedini, Cuneo, Italy
September 28th, 2018

In the workshop held on September 28th at 4:00 pm at Cantore Baracks in Cuneo, Davide Ficco, professor of Guitar and METS at Conservatorio G.H. Ghedini, compared the evocative world of classical guitar with the vast world of electronic music, which at Ghedini is well represented by the activity of the METS department. As seen in point, the activity is related to a work progress discographic project born thanks to the close collaboration between METS and Ficco itself, within the framework of the EASTN-DC network.

Moment of the workshop

The idea is that of giving birth to new musical pages where the classical guitar meets in various ways the electronics, therefore becoming an "augmented" guitar, The instrument can be considered augmented in both its technical and expressive possibilities. Thus, eighteen new compositions are coming to light (with the exception of one piece belonging to the historical repertoire with electronics, Azio Corghi’s Consonancias y Redobles, although presented in a brand new version with the restoration of the original electronics), commissioned by Ficco to Italian authors, many of whom are related or were related with METS, and with an horizon of music languages ranging from the field of classical music to those of jazz / rock and techno. The workshop went into the details of the construction of some of the eighteen pieces commissioned by Ficco, thoroughly analyzing the guitar-electronic relationship in each of them.