Feels like home (talk)
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Feels like home (talk)

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@ InSonic online 2020 Festival, organized by ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany

EASTN-DC Residencies Workshops at ZKM

In this Artist Talk, the composer, sound artist and researcher Silvia Rosani presents her interactive piece “Feels like home”, which acoustically reflects the relationship between Smart Homes and their inhabitants.

On the occasion of the artistic research and development project EASTN-DC, ZKM | Hertz-Lab developed an artist-in-residence program that offers artists the opportunity to realize innovative project proposals at the interface of art, science and technology. Rosani’s project was selected and the Italian artist spent several weeks in Karlsruhe working it.
Today, Silvia Rosani gives some insights into the artistic process, talks about her intentions and discusses the theoretical background of the interactive installation, which will premiere soon at the ZKM. The audience takes a look behind the scenes and catches a glimpse of Rosani’s studio at the ZKM | Hertz-Lab.