Foresta 4
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Foresta 4

Audio fixed media for binaural listening

"Conceived for a 24 channels sound-dome, "Foresta 1" has been recomposed for 8 channels and further in stereo for the COVID-19 online edition of SMC 17th Sound and Music Computing Conference, Turin, June 2020.
This latest version uses the same 24 GENESIS models. Each model has its own voice: as if I were in a forest, these uncommon sound objects appear to me as strange animals, cryptic signals coming from the outer world, unusual musical instruments.
I mixed in a binaural track this outlandish choir with 10 unmodified minutes of a 4-channel field-recording, taken on January 29th at 4 p.m. in the Sahara desert (31°17'21.9 "N 3°58'44.1 "W) during an artist's residency at Café Tissardmine. The next day, I recorded, at a local radio, information about a new flu virus in Wuhan, China".
Giuseppe Gavazza