Creative works

Hands of joy

Hands of Joy is a site-specific installation, created starting from the sculpture by Maimouna Guerresi that dominates the courtyard with two large black metal hands superimposed mimicking the gesture of receiving something, a symbol of peace, brotherhood, inclusion, sharing and goodwill.

The installation, through real-time detection systems of the movement of the public around the sculpture, pilots the sound diffusion and the superimposition of single vocal and instrumental lines of Beethoven's Ode to Joy, which can therefore present itself in various scoring configurations, from full score to the superimposition of just a few melodic lines, randomly chosen from the complete list of instruments and vocals. Summing up, it’s like we could make a continuously changing x-ray of the full score, each time bringing out new filgrees.

The concept of the installation is by Gianluca Verlingieri and Simone Conforti of the METS departement of Cuneo Music Conservatory. The technical project, realization and set-up are by Simone Conforti with graduate and undergraduate students in Composition and Sound Design at METS; the sound design has been realized by Giorgio Zucco and METS students of sound engineering and multimedia. The 8ch audio system was configurated in a double quadraphony at different level of height, thanks to gallery and balcony surmounting the courtyard.

A glimpse of the couryard of Palazzo Vitali, with Maimouna Guerresi’s sculpture
The Cycling-74 Max environment managing the interactivity