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In (x,y)

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Installation – composition In (x,y), co-created with Odysseas Kleissouras

In (x,y) is a sound and light installation and composition based on locative audio. A number of music-sonic fragments are distributed in an open public space which can be played back in sync accompanied by rhythmic flashing lights. The public explores the area with GPS smartphones connected to mobile speakers, and triggers both the sonic and visual content accordingly. Therefore, the sound comes from many mobile sound sources, and in combination with light flashing from the smartphones, creates a dynamic spatial participatory interactive art event.

The musical composition inherits a spatial dimension and is explored collectively in space instead of time. The piece is an homage to Terry Riley’s composition In C which lets the performers of the piece which is based on 53 music phrases, to follow their score at their own pace but in sync with each other. The piece was created in 2022 with the support of the European Art Science Technology - Digital Creativity (EASTN-DC) project in an artist residency at NOVARS research centre at the Music Department of Manchester University. The smartphones run a customised version of the Sonic Maps application by Recursive Arts, adapted for the needs of the piece.

This work took place during artistic residency at NOVARS research centre at the Music Department of Manchester University during two weeks (9-20.5.2022), as a collobaration between Cardiff School of Art and Design collaborated and Manchester University .