Interspace – Acoustic Cartography
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Interspace – Acoustic Cartography

Pandemic version of an 8-channel audiovisual installation for the ZKM Sound Dome.

This audiovisual installation is based on several cartographic documents which visualize different aspects of the interspace – defined as a mental state of mind we access when travelling frequently. They address, among other things, transitions, restlessness and continuity, sense of orientation and change of direction, and are each documented by experimental but context-related criteria and methods. Space structuring elements such as tunnel and bridge crossings, counter-trains, flight booking data, curve angles of certain railway lines form the parameters of these movement protocols. Using the Graphic Sequencer "IanniX", these protocols are translated into sound. In a sort of sonification, the attempt is made to do justice both to the linearity of documented paths and to the map as a medium of overview.

Bridge and tunnel map 3'20''
Flight booking map 3'36''
Curve map 2'50''
Oncoming traffic map 2'
Frequency map 2'