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Light-Shadow-Sound: Experimenting with Simple Mathematical and Algorithmic Processes

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The talk presents two sound-light installations from an aesthetic, technical and art-science point of view. Both artistic works, "01101110" (2019) and "1/x" (2020), have been created during and with the support of the EASTN-DC project as a collaboration of Cardiff School of Art and Design & oneContinuousLab.

"1/x" is based on the singularity character of the 1/x function. A system of weighted reciprocal functions generates light flashes and sonic events, while establishes a second singularity point that reverses the system's causality time space.

"01101110" is composed from a series of snapshots of the evolution of the Cellular Automaton Rule 110, projected on white canvases, or directly on the wall, by custom designed and custom made projectors. The projected images, which the authors refer to as shadow paintings, are accompanied by an interactive artificial soundscape, also based on the same automaton.