Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory: Augmented reality

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Augmented reality workshop

The main workshop of the Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory, which takes place in cooperation with Ljudmila Lab, is intended for experienced artists or connoisseurs of 3D software tools, this time dedicated to creating in the field of Augmented Reality. At the workshop, participants will design a series of virtual 3D lighting objects that can be viewed in real space, in certain locations in the center of Ljubljana, with the help of smart devices and enter into an interactive relationship with them.

The workshop is dedicated to in-depth research into the latest software and technology that can be used to create augmented reality spaces in the digital world; The main emphasis will be on the issues of programming, modeling and placement of virtual entities in space, over which the role of mentors will be monitored by well-versed connoisseurs of such tools and practices.

The workshop will be led by Žiga Pavlovič and Črtomir Just.