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For organ and electronics in sixteen channels, spatialised into sixty loudspeakers.

Lineages is another word for origins. The title for this work has been chosen because the music here is pointing backwards to the extensive history for both organ music and electroacoustic music. Although following very different paths through history, these two have some similarities, not least in various experiments which explore and expand both space and time. By listening backwards, some lineages can be transferred from the past to my work, sometimes clear and recognizable, sometimes distorted and fragmented. Microscopic units of rhythms shape both polyphonic lines and alloys of sounds, and dynamically bind together what was previously unrelated. Other lineages emerge and are now woven together in the structure of sounding material.

Lineages is a work in a collaborative project between organist Johannes Landgren and composer Kim Hedås, and is aimed at fusing multiple sounds of organ and electronics. The project comprises several studies, laboratory work and historical excursions. Four main areas are to be explored further: alloying of sounds, alternative tuning, expanded polyphony and spatialisation. Lineages is a first result of these experiments with organ and electroacoustic music.