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Designed during an remote artistic residency at the AudioVisual Arts Department at Ionian University in Corfu in April and May 2022.

-mean- is it the meaning of a word just a mean value that speeds up communication, or could it be a multitude of personal peaks that enhance and deepen communication? In the wonder and pace of those thoughts, the artists of oneContinuousLab are activating a series of installation art projects. Together with the project text.ure, -mean- constitutes the starting point of that exploration. -mean- is a multichannel interactive sound art installation based on words, which are articulated as a spatial walk-through sound experience. More specifically -mean- is a personal walk, through whispered words. The piece was materialised in 2022 with the support of the European Art Science Technology - Digital Creativity (EASTN-DC) project in an artistic residency at the AudioVisual Arts Department at Ionian University.

The piece uses a large number of speakers positioned above and/or below the heads of the visitors. The following image shows some artistic experiments with various small speaker drivers Alexandros and Odysseas run in their private studio space (oneContinuousLab) in Athens, Greece.